Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I'm WAY over-committed! A storyboard project for a 3-minute pilot, the standard class stuff, a conference paper (YAAAWWWWNNNN), a 4-minute animatic, preparation for school, and of course, living. My deadlines all seem to coalesce on September 18th at which time I will stand back and re-assess my tendency to say "yes".
As meager recreation, I just finished a classic book, "Lord of the Flies" by William Golding. First of all, if you said to yourself, "HE hasn't read...?" you need to shut that flapper and get over it. The quarter system completely spoiled me. If you don't remember this book, re-read it. The last third I read in a single sitting; a real nail-biter.
I'm a bit ill right now. No, not physically, but mentally. I just finished 3 hours worth of grading - that already pisses me off, cause grading only extends my ability to analyze - then I look at "The Blackwing Diaries" Sketchbook and HOLY TOLEDO I feel like a complete loser. Bad Zealot! (bangs head on desk).


Amy Kingman said...

Lord of the Flies is a great book! Have you heard of that tv show they're doing with kids on an island? I'm completely out of touch with current programming, but a friend was telling me about it. Anyway, hi and we miss having you bouncing around the office!

TheZealot said...

I really want to see said show if I can just get past the fact that it's more reality TV.
BTW - YOU are on my Totally Awesome list.

Amy Kingman said...

Yeeeah, I hate that it's a concept that makes me interested enough to post about it on a blog! hahaha I'm a Lemming! But yeah, should you ever run across that show you'll have to let me know what you think. :)

PS: I hope ya dont mind I linked you to my blog. :)

Amy Kingman said...

Also, I'm totally interested in the pilot animatic you're working on! If/when you're allowed to share any of it, I'd love to see! :)