Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Animation Mentor, Session 2

Well, it was a hair-raising quarter in session 2. I started off with a really horrible 180ยบ turnaround, then got a little better, and a little better. There was only 4 days between the end of Winter, and the beginning of Spring. 3 days before Winter session ended, I got really sick. I was sore all over, and even talking on the phone made me take a nap afterwords. I was coughing horrendously, too - a freaking, coughing, movie-watching, nap-taking zombie. By Sunday (day before Animation mentor Spring Session 3) my condition was worse. I went to the doctor on Monday cause I ached all over. Bronchitis/Sinusitis. 6 days strict bedrest.

This led to a horrible decision: I had to take a leave of absence for session 3, which I now take in the summer. Man, I hated having to do that, but knowing how much I fight to keep up (and by 'keep up' I mean 'figure out why the rig is behaving this way'), it just seemed sane. Now, all my buds are a class ahead of me - which I'm happy for them, but it makes me feel a little left out.