Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Monday, June 22, 2009

Late Night Bulldogs

It is late night, and I was trying to get a fix on some simple bulldog shapes. So with an image search and pencil in hand, I went to work.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Feels Like the First Time

I was working with the Vectren team tonight, when I tried to describe for them how good my collaborator, the Illustration Brothel, is. I go to the blog and see that many of the pages I drew are in gorgeous color. I mean, I can only say I was... in awe. The reason I work with the "Brothel" so much is that I actually feel compelled to better myself. I feel lazy, and I immediately crack open my sketchbook and dig my pen tip in.

There's been so much going on. Since March, I've finished drawing the book that you can see (in much more impressive display) over at the Brothel. Here's my contribution:

I like this page because of the interaction of the girls. They're doing the kinds of things my sisters used to do to me, messing in my stuff and generally interrupting my nerd buzz. I love them.

This one took some thought - the most important being the sleeping bags, then the wide-open area. I know this will sound pretentious, but I did think of Hitchcock. The largest object having the most story importance. I also got a lot of inspiration from James Joyce's "Ulysses". Not!

I'm really proud of this one. I really tried to send home a sense of doom - albeit a humorous one. The Brothel followed up with color choices exceeding these decisions.

This one I'm happy with the expressions and body language of the girls, but the foreground stuff was rushed in at the last moment. It was a... well, it was all about the flashlight.

On the Vectren front, the electricity game hero had to be developed. They had an older character design already,

that simply needed a little adaptation. So it wasn't like I was starting from scratch.

Volt, or "Plughead" as we like to call him, has to be happy. I mean, he is dealing with electricity! And he has to be a good example to his son,

which, depending on which one we pick could be named "Volt Jr." or "Lil Volt". Our Project Lead, Jennifer Stewart really seemed to like Lil Volt. We'll see what happens.
Anyways, the expressions are the Lil Volt Happy Meter. Everytime Volt successfully disarms an electric hazard, lil Volt gets happier until he's about to explode in a prozaic-ridden ecstasy.

Finally, I just started on this space background for the Node World game (which you've been seeing sketches of below). Here, the ship (based on a propane tank; Our main character, Thermy, is emitted by a bunson-burner-style-pilot's seat)

floats in front of this space vista which takes too much memory to move, so we had to find something that made sense being stationary. A galaxy seemed good enough.

I've been working on other projects as well. But they're not as visually interesting as the stuff I showed you. Nevertheless, enjoy this parting shot: