Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Vectren Site Up and Operational!

Here's hoping that you'll enjoy the 13-month long project known as Vectren. Judge the game on how addictive and repeat-playable it is. That would make our day (and not in a Clint-Eastwood-kind-of-way)!

Hats off to the Vectren folk (Maelynn Hudson, Tracy Bryant, et. al)for being quite innovative in their pursuit of a better, original game in a time where most corporations fear such things. I mean really, HATS OFF! Looking at how many people it took to make this work - well, it's just staggering. Here's the short list:

Jennifer Stewart - Concept and Head of the Whole Enchilada! (She would be the executive producer, but in academia it's called something different)
Chris Basham - Website Design, programming, and layout

Matt Powers - Concept and Programming Lead. (Matt was our "X factor"!)
Don Mitchell - programming consultant
Kyle McKnight - head programmer
Corey Callahan - programming
Zach Carr - programming

Skip Comer - Database Lead

Me - Concept and Art Direction
Trevor Barger - animation
Sean Winburn - illustration
Jackie Crofts - illustration
Linda Vang - concepting
Ryan Stone - production

Ricardo Laranja - sound direction

In fact, feel free to leave a comment right here, on this blog, giving us your thoughts.

Friday, September 11, 2009

I've a new place to visit!

I'm rather excited about this new blog, Pencil Test Depot

Also, the Vectren Project is temporarily posted, but will soon have a permanent residence. Check it out, play the games, and post some feedback (cause we DO need troubleshooting help).