Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Really Not-So-Awesome List

In the tradition of Jennifer Stewart's "Not Awesome" Lists comes tonight's Really Not Awesome List:

- Virginia Buckley

- Allergist

- The Dream House

- paying to see the Dream House

- Mary Kay

- Crappy Faux Finishing

- Freakin' Bitches

- Jerks

- Yellow

- Eye Dilation

- Your Mom knowing People

- Zelda's Quirks

- Dominos falling

- Marilyn

- Camera Phone


- Aids (in Africa)

- Keeping up a Blog


Vince Gorman said...

Crappy faux fishing...I hope you're talking about those ponds on the side of the interstate with mini-faux cabins the size of port a potties. For some reason it just pisses me off to see people pretending they're roughing it 20 feet from the interstate!

Jenn Kay Awesome said...

That is a good not awesome list. Might I add the unibomer… oh and he who shall not be mentioned, and people that won’t talk when they meet new people and sit next to them at dinner? All of the above = not awesome.

Anonymous said...