Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Now My Turn.

I mayz be a pup. But I knows a blogger when I sees one. I don't sees one.
I like this picture. Two words: "Wrapped" and "Little Pinkie". That's MY chair. I chose it, sure as I choose the spot where I eliminates.

Now, sometimes my Humans leave. And dat is when the freegin party begins. There is stuff on the floor, big stuff, don't know why I didn't notice it before. Point is I do now. And nothing feels betta on my teeth than the stuff I ain't noticed before. I cut through it like butta. I eat it like butta. But I don't swallow it - I display it on the floor. And though the stuff is tiny, it cover a big space. By "big", I mean it gets a rise out of my Humans. And that what the display be all about.

My humans tried somethin new on me. They make me pee in a box. Now, I no smart, but I knows a dumb idea when I sees it. And I saw it. It was that pee box. So I say to myself, "Iz - how long before they know I won't pee in the box.?" Three days. This dumb on my part, cause I held it so long I was feelin puny. But when I throwed up, that was the end of the box. Then it not seem so dumb. It seem smart. End of box.

I am king. I rule here. Move to da next blog, human.

I'm posting a Good One

Now this is me getting serious. There is so much in my skillset that I want to be better, but this represents a "satisfying session of conception". There's a lot of investigation that went into caricaturing the body and face (this image was prepared specifically to show the progression; it's not this way in my sketchbook). There's nothing in it from my iconic cartoon memory. Very satisfying. Now, some of my Animation Mentor buds want to start posting sketches, so I think I'll post this one even though it's older. Then I'm really going to pour in the investment and start some daily drawing that matters. Click on the image to see it at 100%.

I'm Posting A Bad One.

I'm posting this drawing because it was virtually a waste of time. Of course, I learned a lesson from it, but it's bad for so many reasons. One, It's a little face based on all my iconic cartoon library images - stuff I don't think about. I also didn't try to make it dimensional at all. Next time, I'll post some stuff I'm REALLY trying to get right. Sorry to waste your time. Don't even read this freakin' thing. Skip it.

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