Saturday, September 27, 2008

Another children's book.

I'm am sure at some point you will see these popping up on the olde Illustration Brothel, but here's the first round of editing in what I hope to finish in 10 days or less. I busted the layouts out in just under 3 days, but the drawing isn't as impressive as I could've executed. Hopefully, on the second pass (where I really have to visually commit) I'll nail down some good work.

My New Doghouse

One day, my humans started takin all dey stuff outta da place which I rules - until it was empty and big enough to run around for real. I thoughts, "nice call, I like this betta". But then, we's come home to a differen place - where the stairs BE INSIDE. And guess what - I gets to run up and down dem! And by "run up and down dem", I means "all de time".

As it turns out: This is my HOUSE. The King has a HOUSE.

It has its own grass. Grass which I burns with my mazin speed. It has carpet, which burns my feets with my mazin speed. It has many windows - windows the King feels warm under. It has a neighborhood - which I keep out with my barks. It has many crannies - where I hides in ambush. It has a large park - where I unleash my charisma on many ladies (what can dey do? I's powerful). It has a new bed - which I claim underneath as my crib. Don't you doubt my power!
My humans can stay as long as I am well fed the way I likes.