Monday, May 05, 2008

This Layout Sucks.

Okay, my blog has a new look. But not for long!
I committed a design sin: I designed on the computer with no sketching or planning to back it up. Now I'm reaping the rewards of that sin: A crappy-looking blog. I just went in willy-nilly and screwed with my promotional website docs. Re-workings are already on order. (the layout you see up on the blog now is not what I'm talking about).

On the bright side, here's a little illo project I'm working on with Mr. Baldwin (The Illustration Brothel) : a Japanese children's book that teaches English. Talk about having clear storytelling! It's got to be spot-on! Here's my first layout:

That's a fun one. Lots of fun perspective distortion and everything.
Please refrain from looking at the blog - but look at the drawings as much as you like. Here's the female mouse character Martha:


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Amy Kingman said...

Your mouses are so cute! The perspective of the table scene is awesome. :D I'm constantly amazed.