Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Sappy Alert

I'm tightening today's drawing,

and I end up taking a break and talking to an old friend from college - with whom I worked for about 3 years in a little town called Tifton. It was truly a magical time; I was drawing and writing 4 hours a night. I was improving by leaps and bounds! But best of all, I had great friends.

Matt was the very picture of the meticulous craftsman, specializing in mediums like pencil that work in tiny areas and build up in layers:

We often got together to play computer games and the like, or catch a movie, and we lifted weights until I moved from there.

Richard got Matt the job above, because he was a regular with Beckett magazine for a while:

Richard was meticulous like Matt, but his personality was easy, slow, and understated, which made him hilarious as hell. We all worked at a billboard company called Tri-State Systems, in an art department during the early 90s recession. I felt inspired to draw and get better. The fact that Richard shared his regular gig with Matt was so cool - I was offered, too but I wasn't a huge football fanatic like him and I didn't have a lot of confidence in my illustration skill then.

I am slowly getting back to that lifestyle of drawing, and I'm more driven and happier. I loved Animation Mentor, such classic knowledge and such advanced technique with the most cutting-edge of software. I think I enjoy the drawing more, though.

This is an older set, but I've taken to drawing our dog Izzy (who sometimes writes in this blog, paws-to-keys) as a character:

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