Thursday, January 10, 2008

First Semester Finshed

at Animation mentor. My progress reel is here:

The largest hurdles I have to climb are technological. It's one thing to know how to sculpt a good key pose, it's quite another to have it connect properly to the others! There's many a young whippersnapper in these classes, plus a lot of film experience. Just some crazy-mad Maya folk. I love meeting the people and seeing great work and working my brain analyzing it all, but bottom line is, I want to be better. Let's see if I've any gusto left in my worn-out soul to do it.


Toby Cochran said...

you did great last term can't wait to see your progress in class 2!!! before we know we will be graduating!!! maybe we will all work together one day?!

Vince Gorman said...

very nice, love the 'ready for anything' pose. Those walks are very nice too, that vanilla is solid.

Ward Jenkins said...

JB, your work is the bomb.

And you can quote me on it.

one of the "wrong people" said...

Nice work and your dog is cool too! But maybe you should have called him "SUB" and had some radioactive signs made.

Amy Kingman said...

I love it! There's so much emotion in those poses. You're so awesome! You, me, and Vince need to get lunch soon!

Joseph Cross said...

Great work man! Great emotion, weight, reaction..everything. MIH!

God Bless