Sunday, July 26, 2009

Every day you don't get better is a day wasted. I expressed this on the fly (and whole-heartedly) to one of our fine artists working on the Vectren project, which concludes this coming Tuesday. On the downside, I put a little too much pressure on myself. But it's the kind of pressure I like. I'm looking for my own ability to see and conceptualize - I'm not looking for a freaking checkbox in a program that will be obsolete in 6 months...
We were trying to figure out backgrounds for an opening cinematic, and had settled on something relatively simple, when I started painting and getting some results that I liked. Though it's going to make us push our deadline to the last second, we're changing to the style posted above, or something like it. I hope it's worth it.
We still have thick woods to get through!


Vince Gorman said...

I like your philosophy, very motivating. The illustration looks great man, I'm enjoying the chalk texture on the house.

Kelly said...

I love it JBSL! It's Tuesday, so I hope you are doing well and have completed your deadline.

Hope things elsewhere are going well too.

Take care!