Friday, March 06, 2009

Many Thanks the folks keeping me real on this blog. When I finish some concept work, I want it to stand up to public flogging, and if that flogging is complimentary - well, then I'm workin' it right.


Kelly said...

Dude, I am not sure if this is something you want to hear or not, but these are some of the cutest characters I have seen. I love the little flame guy and the heart shaped guy.

Not sure if you'd count me as biased or not, but I love your work. :) Keeps me inspired to keep up my work on my macro pictures.

Hope the fam is doing better.


Zeb said...
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Zeb said...

Flogging is such a dirty word... But after seeing this latest post, I'd give you the best public flogging of your life. A complimentary one of course.

Toby Cochran said...

awww so cute --- you are getting soft in your younger age!! ;)