Friday, January 23, 2009

My Current Top 10.

Yep, it's always changing.
But my top 10 movies of all time
currently stand like this:

1) The Iron Giant
2) All About Eve
3) Amelie
4) The Passion of the Christ
5) V for Vendetta
6) The Fifth Element
7) The Incredibles
8) Gattaca
9) Casablanca

Now, there's a lot of other movies I could put on there that are nothing less than brilliant: Notorious, Munich, Spiderman 2, Ironman, Kung Fu Panda, Ratatoille, The Third Man, Terminator 2, Anything from Pixar, Saving Private Ryan, Bladerunner, The Good The Bad and the Ugly, the list goes on. I placed these movies here because of their repeat watchability, their worldview, and their stance against time. "V for Vendetta" I just put on there 2 weekends ago, because since it's release in 2005 I've watched it 5 times. It remains potent. My suspension of disbelief is solid through it. That's just my way of doing things. I loved "Schindler's List", but it tore me up inside to watch it. So it may be awesome, but it's hard to watch more than a couple of times.


Matt said...

Oh man...I didn't see Blade Runner or Band of Brothers (not really a movie, but better) on the list!

Matt said...

Okay, I've been thinking about it for 3 days now! I can't figure out why you named the post "My Current Top 5.", but yet you named your top 10 movies? You got some splaining to do, Mr. Ludwick.