Monday, October 06, 2008

This page, finally tightened, is the first of many. Below, you can see the page in its layout stage following many incarnations (which I won't bore you with here).

Drawing is unappreciated these days, the alchemy of observation and vision. As much as I love animation, and as much as I enjoyed Animation Mentor, I missed the tenderness shared between my pencil and paper. Granted, it's digital paper, but it's no less magical. I also enjoy the problem-solving that goes into storytelling with a camera. I'm no Brad Bird - hell naw - but the puzzles of character against events and the camera that bears witness brings no end of fascination. I trade the machinations of medium for the tinkering of virtual dolls - but not with dismissal, only with favor.


Vince Gorman said...

well put.

Kelly said...

Hey dude! My kids would totally love this!!!! I am, again and as always, awed by your work!

Take care!