Saturday, September 27, 2008

My New Doghouse

One day, my humans started takin all dey stuff outta da place which I rules - until it was empty and big enough to run around for real. I thoughts, "nice call, I like this betta". But then, we's come home to a differen place - where the stairs BE INSIDE. And guess what - I gets to run up and down dem! And by "run up and down dem", I means "all de time".

As it turns out: This is my HOUSE. The King has a HOUSE.

It has its own grass. Grass which I burns with my mazin speed. It has carpet, which burns my feets with my mazin speed. It has many windows - windows the King feels warm under. It has a neighborhood - which I keep out with my barks. It has many crannies - where I hides in ambush. It has a large park - where I unleash my charisma on many ladies (what can dey do? I's powerful). It has a new bed - which I claim underneath as my crib. Don't you doubt my power!
My humans can stay as long as I am well fed the way I likes.

1 comment:

Pam Jones Bourbo said...

Too cute! I thought I was the only one who gave my dog (Sammy McDogpants Bourbo) a voice like that.