Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Now My Turn.

I mayz be a pup. But I knows a blogger when I sees one. I don't sees one.
I like this picture. Two words: "Wrapped" and "Little Pinkie". That's MY chair. I chose it, sure as I choose the spot where I eliminates.

Now, sometimes my Humans leave. And dat is when the freegin party begins. There is stuff on the floor, big stuff, don't know why I didn't notice it before. Point is I do now. And nothing feels betta on my teeth than the stuff I ain't noticed before. I cut through it like butta. I eat it like butta. But I don't swallow it - I display it on the floor. And though the stuff is tiny, it cover a big space. By "big", I mean it gets a rise out of my Humans. And that what the display be all about.

My humans tried somethin new on me. They make me pee in a box. Now, I no smart, but I knows a dumb idea when I sees it. And I saw it. It was that pee box. So I say to myself, "Iz - how long before they know I won't pee in the box.?" Three days. This dumb on my part, cause I held it so long I was feelin puny. But when I throwed up, that was the end of the box. Then it not seem so dumb. It seem smart. End of box.

I am king. I rule here. Move to da next blog, human.

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