Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Hello, Big Nothing.
I'm getting a little tired of the "Tax Man".  I buy food, I get taxed.  I buy entertainment, I'm taxed.  I'm taxed for clothing.  I'm taxed for water, heat, electricity.  I'm taxed for my obligation to register my vehicle.  And then, at the beginning of the year, my income and everything I make is taxed - 40%, almost half.  They're screwing me when the money comes in, and they're taking it when the money goes out.  When I park too long at a meter, I'm charged 20 dollars.  Just take it out of my account which is fat and well-funded and freaking enforced by this fine government.  That's why I - hard-working and long-suffering - can't get ahead.  Because I give 40% of my hard-earned dollars just to keep my government in its trillion-dollar debt

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